Qualitas Career Academy is an accredited training institution with the Department of Higher Education and Training as well as UMALUSI and QCTO (Quality Council for Trades & Occupations). This training institution has been established in 2008 in Bloemfontein and also has sites of delivery in Kimberley, Newcastle, Vanderbijlpark, Tableview en George.

Qualitas offers a wide variety of programmes on a full-time and part-time basis. Corporate programmes are also being delivered to clients according to their unique and specific needs.

At Qualitas Career Academy the focus is on quality education. “With the standardisation of training where all accredited institutions basically offer the same national qualifications, it is important for us at Qualitas to differentiate our students from the rest by giving them additional knowledge and experience in order to prepare them better for the world of work,” says Jonathan Jensen, Manager of Qualitas Career Academy in Bloemfontein. “There are too many training institutions whose students cannot take their place in the job market because they are not equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to do the work.”

“In May 2012 89% of our students who successfully completed their studies in 2011 already had a permanent job,” says Jensen.

At Qualitas we focus on theoretical as well as practical training in order to enable students to be professional as well as competent in their careers. Smaller classes also ensure that students get personal attention.

The following full-time programmes are being delivered in Bloemfontein:

Architectural Draughtsmanship

Business Management


Medical / Legal Secretary


Public Relations

International IT Specialist (International Microsoft exams included)

Sound Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Hair Design

Wellness & Beauty (Health & Skincare)

Part-time evening classes, Saturday classes as well as full-time day classes are offered depending on which programme are being followed. Self-study programmes, where students can study at home while maybe working full-time, are also offered for some of the programmes.

“Our programme in Architectural Draughtsmanship is entering its third year and we are very pleased that some of our students from 2013 as well as 2014 were already accepted at the University of the Free State for the first year of the B-degree in Architecture,” says Madelane Gerber, Director of Qualitas Bloemfontein. This programme includes subjects on design, building construction, construction documentation, applied mathematics, physics and draughtsmanship.

The Qualitas Hair, Beauty & Wellness Academy prepares students for the industry. They do not only get the necessary skills and knowledge, but also learns about the passion for the industry that makes them stand apart from others and makes them successful therapists. Wellness & Beauty students are also prepared to complete the international examinations like ITEC and CIDESCO. Hair Design students can also complete their internationally recognised trade test as soon as they have completed their practical hours in the workplace. This trade test is also offered at Qualitas Career Academy.

What makes Qualitas different from other training providers? Staff has years of experience in their fields of expertise and they have been involved in the area of training for a number of years. Anra Faber and Vianda Kruger have more than 20 years of experience in the wellness industry while Madelane Gerber is already practising as an architect for more than 23 years. Jonathan Jensen, Manager of Qualitas Bloemfontein has been involved in the education and training field for more than 14 years.

Career consultations for prospective students are being done in order to make sure that they make the correct choices about their future career. At Qualitas Career Academy students get a quality education as well as personal attention to help them become the work force of the future.