Different sound equipment suppliers in Bloemfontein

Like any other business is the market saturated with sound equipment businesses in Bloemfontein.  We have identified one such supplier namely Creative Kilowatt.  Little more about them.

Creative Kilowatt Sound Equipment in Bloemfontein

About Creative Kilowatt

Creative Kilowatt Productions has been a technical supplier of sound, staging, mood lighting and audio-visual effects to weddings, parties, corporate events and concerts since 2001.

Their professional team will assist and serve all your needs, be it sound, music, lighting, staging or audio-visual requirements. They also have a comprehensive music list/database which is updated regularly, so you can enjoy the latest hits you hear on the radio and favorites from your younger days.

We also service the permanent installation market of churches, restaurants, shopping centers, offices and other venues.


What do Creative  Kilowatt offer?

Equipment Rentals & Sales

Ensure that your sales pitch or board presentation flows smoothly through your communication technology channels. Enjoy reliable equipment at affordable prices, supported by Creative Kilowatt’s expertise and backup units.

You can buy expensive, branded equipment anywhere. However, Creative kW supplies and installs concert-quality equipment for our professional and discerning clients.

Backed up by pre-sales advice, ranging from sound engineering to artistic input, and solid warranties. JBL, Black Magic, Kramer, Christie, Shure and others – we sell only the equipment which we use and trust, from experience.

Experienced DJs

Are you doggone tired of murder on the dance floor*? Trust Creative kW’s DJs to play your favourites, exactly when you want to hear them, from our near infinite and expanding collection of songs. Music is an essential ingredient in the recipe for an unforgettable event.

Trust Meatloaf, The Black Eyed Peas and Creative kW to nourish your musical appetites, with The Cranberries for dessert.

* We actually have Murder On The Dance Floor in our database, but we only play it when appropriate, or when requested. Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s 2001 smash hit remains a firm favourite, on dance floors, between 11pm and midnight.

Hassle-free Audio-Visual (AV)

We love life in HD, just like you. From presentations, live video streaming, to Twitter feeds and portable DSTV, Creative kW reproduces your visuals in full HD. Our people care about the quality of your complete audio-visual experience.

Lighting Providers

Grease lighting, oh, grease lighting! Heard something similar before? No, you haven’t, because nobody says it quite like us. Creative Kilowatt continuously invests in technology and people to create a mood-enhancing atmosphere, whether indoors or outside, through our lighting gurus and concert-quality equipment. It is our privilege to create spectacular visual effects during your events, through the use of intelligent light fixtures, creativity and innovation.

Sound Providers

Creative Kilowatt has built a team of sound specialists, in competence and character, over the years. Our promise to you is as simple as the soundscapes we create: crisp, clear, colourful sounds, through Creative kW’s experienced team of sound-lovers and top quality, well-maintained sound systems.

Stage Builders

‘All of life is a stage, until you have to perform on a shaky one,’ to quote a playwright in Creative Kilowatt’s network.

We build clean, safe platforms, with care, for optimal audience engagement, covering a vast range of productions and events – mega | large | small – from a small, raised platform for your bridal table to a roofed outdoor structure for a music festival.

More information regarding the services rendered by Creative Kilowatt for sound equipment in Bloemfontein can be found below. Hope to hear from soon.
Stefan van Biljon
051 522 4848  | 082 859 5988 | stefan@creativekilowatt