The Saint Andrew’s matric class of 2018 achieved a 100 percent pass rate and also produced the number one learner in the Free State.

Saints’ 100 percent pass rate record of 27 years in succession is the best among all government boys’ schools, with the next best mark now standing at 11 years.

The school’s Head Boy Ethan Travers was the number one learner in the province and followed in the footsteps of 2017 matriculant Stehann van Jaarsveld, who was also number one.

Ethan’s success meant Saint Andrew’s has produced the top learner in the Free State in three of the past seven years, with Christiaan Bronkhorst also finishing top in 2012.

Ethan was also number one in the province in English, marking the fourth time in the past six years that a Saints’ boys has achieved that distinction.

Interestingly, Ethan was the first English home language speaker among the four Saint Andrew’s boys to achieve the honour. Stehann van Jaarsveld (Afrikaans) was number one in 2017, Sipho Ndereya (Sotho) finished first in 2015, and Christiaan Bronkhorst (Afrikaans) finished first in 2012. As a grade 11 learner, Christiaan also finished first in the National English Olympiad!

In addition, Ethan was one of three boys to achieve eight distinctions. Lodewyk Fourie and Almand van den Heever also aced all of their subjects. Lodewyk is a triplet.

His sisters, Lielie and Ansa, attended Eunice Girls High and received 11 distinctions between them, bringing the family haul to 19!

Jesse Berlyn, Kyle Horak and Eric Greyvenstein each scored seven distinctions in the seven subjects they wrote.

South African Schools’ cricket captain Gerald Coetzee proved that sporting excellence and academic achievement can go hand in hand. He received an A aggregate with five distinctions.

There were 53 boys in the Saint Andrew’s matric class of 2018.

Photo on top: Wearing their Saint Andrew’s School Old Boys’ blazers, the top matric performers of 2018: Back – Kyle Horak (seven distinctions), Ryan Pretorius (five distinctions), 2018 Head Boy Ethan Travers (eight distinctions and number one in the Free State), Gerald Coetzee (SA Schools cricket captain and five distinctions), and Eric Greyvenstein (seven distinctions).

Front – Jesse Berlyn (seven distinctions), Lodewyk Fourie (eight distinctions) and Almand van den Heever (eight distinctions)