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There are specific admission requirements applicable to all South African universities that are stipulated by the National Department of Higher Education. In most cases, an admission point (AP) of 30 is sufficient, but there are exceptions where a higher point is required or where a lower point is acceptable.

Four of the seven subjects included in your National Senior Certificate (NSC) subject package must form part of the “designated” subjects listed below. You are required to obtain a minimum of 4 (50%) in each of these four school subjects.


“Designated list” of school subjects:

Accounting Information Technology
Agricultural Sciences Life Sciences (Biology/Physiology)
Business Studies Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy
Consumer Studies Music
Dramatic Arts Three languages (one of these must be the language of teaching and learning at a higher education institution and two other recognised language subjects)
Engineering Graphics and Design
Geography Physical Sciences/Natural Science
History Religion Studies
  Visual Arts


In other words, if you have obtained your NSC with at least four of your seven school subjects selected from the designated list in Grade 12, and you have passed these four subjects with a minimum achievement level of 4 (50%), you may apply to study at any South African university.


In addition, for degree studies, the UFS expects that:

You must have at least an overall admission point of 30 and a minimum achievement level of 4 (50%) in the chosen UFS language of instruction): English or Afrikaans; and

You must pass certain school subjects with a minimum level of achievement in order to take a specific university module. For example, you must get a mark of 60% for Mathematics in Grade 12 if you are planning to take Mathematics as one of the modules in a BSc study path; and

For certain selected programmes, e.g. BSc (Actuarial Science), you must have an overall admission point of 34 (see faculty-specific admission requirements).


In five academic subjects a level of at least 5 (60%)                                     5 x 5 = 25

In one further academic subject a level of at least 4 (50%)                            1 x 4 =   4

In the subject Life Orientation a level of 5 (60%) or higher to score 1 point             1 x 1 =   1

UFS overall AP score                                                                                                 = 30

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