The Free State Inter-High Gala took place on 22nd February at the Stadium Swimming Pool in Bloemfontein. Eunice swimmer, Amber Olsen, won the trophy for best U/14 swimmer.

She came first in the 50-, 100- and 200-meter backstroke events, as well as in the 100- and 200m free style events. Joané Meintjies received the trophy for the best U/16 swimmer at the gala.

She came first in the 50- and 100m fly events, as well as in the 50-, 100- and 200m freestyle events. Eunice’s U/16 girls were acclaimed as the best age group, with 11 gold medals amongst them.

Front (from left to right): Anke Weyers, Lizri Weyers

Back (from left to right): Amidré Snyman, Cara Hickling, Tara-Ann Oertel, Joané Meintjies, Jandri van Straaten, Danielle Ontong

Amber Olson (Best u14 swimmer at Interhigh) and Joané Meintjies (best u16 swimmer at Interhigh)