Bloemfontein Fashion Academy started in 1994 with a minimum amount of students. Since then the Academy has grown fast to a total of 60 students per year from which some has reached great heights.

Former students from this Academy have already achieved a lot of success such as   starting their own designing   studios, training centres, designing for well-known brand names, working overseas and have also done well in design competitions.

Students must have Matric and write an aptitude test before they are accepted at the academy. BFA has a very high standard and an intensive course and therefore dedicated people from all over have joined this academy.

Information about our design course:

The course consists of a combination of subjects that is woven into one another.

Pattern Designing is the major that forms about 70% of the whole course. Students learn how to design any type of pattern for any type of figure. They use a Pattern Drafting instrument that is exclusively designed for the academy. Therefore clothing fit perfectly every time – it does not matter if it is for the smallest baby or the most gorgeous wedding dress.

In Garment Construction students learn to cut and sew the patterns that they have designed. The course starts with tops and skirts and ends of with proper tailored men’s jackets.

The subject Fashion Illustration enables you to sketch a proposal to be presented to a client.

Creative art is there to improve the creativity of the students and here they learn to make a lot of interesting things like hats, material painting, shoe covering, etc.

To complete the course there is also modules in: