It’s not about what we teach, but how we do so…

Technology forms an increasing part of leaners lives and should become part of how they are educated. Educators and textbooks are no longer the main source of information for our leaners. Internet resources expose leaners to all kinds of information and learning material at the click of a button.  We are very proud to say that Curro Bloemfontein is one of the first schools in Bloemfontein who succeed in using tablets as textbooks. Learners from grade 4-11 are using e-books and not only is there suitcase lighter they are exposed to perfect 21st century education.

Educators and leaners can add and share additional information, videos, photographs, sketches, notes thoughts and insights into digital margins on their tablets. They can also add small discussions between a leaner and their educator in the form of a voice file. Even their highlights in the eBooks automatically generate summaries and everything is back up in the cloud in case tablets get lost or stolen.  We know that digital education does not aim to replace educators, but rather offers a platform to better communication to technology driven leaners.

Curro Bloemfontein is embracing the use of tablets and is excited to form leaners who can think critically and show initiative skills in the 21st century.