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Gedagte vir die week | Thought of the week

For thou art the glory of their strenght: and in thy favour our horn shall be

Psalm 89: 17 KJV

I once met a mechanic who endured unfair compensation practices as well as all sorts of injustices and ridicule from his co-workers for years at a large diesel-truck shop where he worked. He could have grown bitter or quit and found work elsewhere. But instead, he continued to do top-quality work, knowing that he wasn’t working to please his supervisor; he was working to please God. One day, the owner of the company called him and said, “I’m ready to retire, and I’m looking for someone I can trust to take over the
business and continue the work I’ve started. I want to give it to you.” Today, the mechanic owns that company free and clear!

Isn’t this a great morning to start expecting the favour of God to show up in the details of your life?

-Joel Osteen-

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