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Grade 12’s – Exam Time

It is the exam time for our grade 12’s, so you have to be calm and have faith in your work and study. Success will follow you if you never give up in the life. It is true that the journey of life is never easy, but you can make it smoother with your dedication and trust in The...

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New Scholarship Programme at Grey College

On behalf of the Badawi Legacy Trust, the Jock Meiring Trust, and the Governing Body of Grey College: Parlez vous francais It is said that a school is a building with tomorrow inside. As a modern society, it is our duty to provide our students with an environment within which they can create the best possible tomorrow for everyone. A tomorrow in which South Africans will succeed in the context of unprecedented levels of globalisation and technological advance. Grey College has been providing such an environment to its students for decades. This includes maintaining a school identity which promotes...

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SANBS faces drought of its own: a lack of blood

While the Western Cape battles a severe, prolonged drought, the rest of South Africa is currently facing scarcity of a different kind – a critical lack of blood. Blood supply in South Africa as gone down to just 1.5 days of Group O stock, according to the South African National Blood Service (SANBS). The blood service is calling on all blood donors to come forward to donate blood urgently, to stop cancer sufferers, people in life-threatening situations and anyone else who needs or relies on blood transfusions being at risk. “The blood stock is dangerously low. The blood supply...

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