Alex Eliades is in grade 6 St Andrew’s School, Bloemfontein. His performance in the under-18 Group B section of the Mangaung Metro Chess
Tournament on the weekend was quite astonishing.

He claimed second place, despite competing against boys up to six years older than he is!

A number of other boys also participated in the competition and did very well. Riley Olivier, who is in grade 2, won four of his five matches in his
section to take first place.

David Yao, in grade 3, won three of his five matches to place second in the same section. And Michar Gerber, who is in grade 6, won four out of five matches in his section to finish third.

Congratulations, gents, on a fine set of results.

Pictured above: Alex Eliades, second in under-18 B Section, Mangaung Metro Chess Tournament, Saint Andrew’s, Bloemfontein, 16 October.