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New Scholarship Programme at Grey College

On behalf of the Badawi Legacy Trust, the Jock Meiring Trust, and the Governing Body of Grey College: Parlez vous francais It is said that a school is a building with tomorrow inside. As a modern society, it is our duty to provide our students with an environment within which they can create the best possible tomorrow for everyone. A tomorrow in which South Africans will succeed in the context of unprecedented levels of globalisation and technological advance. Grey College has been providing such an environment to its students for decades. This includes maintaining a school identity which promotes...

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Excellent results in snooker and pool – Grey College

Franco Kriel of Grey College in Bloemfontein obtained Protea Colors in the following during 2017: Under 18 Blackball Pool Under 23 Blackball Pool Under 19 9 Ball Pool  He also qualified for his Under 21 Snooker Protea Colors and will play during 2018 in the World Championships. Franco’s achievements during 2017: FS Under 18 Champion 2017. FS Under 18 Blackball A Colors 2017.  FS Senior Snooker Champion 2017. SA Under 21 Snooker Champion 2017 SA Under 19 9 Ball Champion 2017 SA Under 23 8 Ball Runners Up 2017 SA under 23 9 Ball Bronze 2017  SA Player of...

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Hokkie uitslae vanaf Grey College

Hokkie 0/12 A Grey vs Tjokkies wen 2-0 Jordania -toer – Saterdag 19/08 0/9A Grey vs Tjokkies wen 3-1 Grey vs Harrismith wen 7-0 Grey vs Truida Kestell wen 4-0 0/9B Grey vs Truida Kestell wen 7-0 Grey vs Tjokkies verloor 0-1 Grey vs Jordania wen 7-0 Grey vs Jordania C wen 7-0 0/10A Grey vs Jordania A wen 2-0 Grey vs Truida Kestell A  wen 3-0 Grey vs  Harrismith A wen 14-0 0/10B Grey vs Harrismith B wen 4-0 Grey vs Jordania B wen 1-0 Grey vs Jordania A Dogters wen 2-0 0/13A Grey vs Jordania B  wen...

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It’s almost time. The build-up and excitement is starting. The highlight on the annual cultural calendar and the only event of its kind in South Africa, the Nedbank Grey College Music Festival will take place this year on 25 and 26 August at the Sand du Plessis Theatre in Bloemfontein. The theme for this year is “Grey for Africa”. This symbolises the unity (even through diversity) under the Grey boys, unity when everyone comes together for the festival, creating a rippling effect of unity through music in the country and in Africa and therefore creating a feeling of Ubuntu....

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Positive Quotes

You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for The value you bring the hour. Jim Rohn

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